New DML-01 for Luxman

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ARNBORG replacement module for LUXMAN DML-01 (Dual Monolithic Linear IC)

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The new ARNBORG DML-01 replacement modules for LUXMAN amplifiers have been designed, and manufactured with great attention to both performance, and appearance.

The electronic circuit inside the module is similar to the original circuit and includes carefully matched pair of bipolar transistors and a single-die dual FET. This helps to improve the linearity, and thermal stability. Further, the circuit is cast in thermal conductive material to prevent thermal variations to cause nonlinearity in the initial FET stage, also similar to the original design from LUXMAN.

The circuit board inside is high quality glass fiber. We designed the circuit board upside down just as the original LUXMAN modules. This help improve noise immunity because the components in this way are shielded underneath the circuit board, between the connecting pins.

In some of the prestigious LUXMAN amplifiers, the DML modules are visible from the outside, and therefore we took great care to design the modules to match the appearance of the original modules.

We highly recommend replacing both DML modules in each individual stage (preamp, RIAA, or driver circuitry) for correct stereo symmetry. To receive a stereo set of DML-01 you need to order two items. The given price is for one DML only!

You will receive the DML module including a high quality multiturn trimmer potentiometer for balancing the DC level in the DML circuitry.

Please use the correct service manual when replacing the module, and carefully follow the instructions for readjusting/calibrating the DC level trimmer potentiometer.

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